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Do you like Lightsabers?


I mean, do you really, really like Lightsabers?  Or perhaps you are looking for the perfect gift for that Jedi who has everything?

Look no further than Ultra Sabers, the the combat lightsaber specialists.

Seriously, these guys build hardcore lightsaber replicas complete with glowing blades and sound effects, some of which can be used for lightsaber dueling (i.e. they can survive smacking another lightsaber, kind of impressive).  Prices range from $50-60 up to several hundred dollars.

Check out their Youtube channel for all sorts of videos.  Honestly, if this video doesn’t sell you on the idea I’m not sure what else would.

I saw their ad while reading about the Star Wars Living Card Game on BGG, these kind of intelligent targeted ads are becoming almost uncanny.  Not saying I would actually buy one of these but come on, what Star Wars fan hasn’t wanted their own lightsaber at some point.  Not as clumsy or random as a blaster… an elegant weapon, for a more civilized age.


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