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My 6th grade brother-in-law Trevor is a pretty dedicated gamer but lacks any kind of serious funding, so I’m always on the lookout for free-to-play games for him.  Several years ago I got him started on Maplestory, which he enjoyed tremendously and has played an enormous amount; Maplestory is a horrific grind set in a 2D world, but it has cheerful graphics and a fair amount of challenging content.  A while later I got him into Freerealms which he also enjoyed but not to the same degree; I thought he would enjoy Freerealms more since the graphics and 3D world more resembled WoW, which would be his true passion if he could afford it.  However, I think Freerealms came across as too childish and simplistic and there wasn’t enough challenging content to keep him interested for long.

Another part of the problem was their family PC which was quite dated.  However, I recently built them a new PC which has much more gaming potential and on his recent visit my brother-in-law mentioned Dungeons and Dragons online, which he had heard about from somewhere and which is free to play.  That immediately sparked my memory about Lord of the Rings Online, which is also free to play as of the summer of last year.  He was keenly interested so we set about downloading the client, a massive 10+ GB download.



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