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Kickstarter has been a huge boon to the gaming community, with all sorts of new games being funded for development and/or publishing via Kickstarter efforts.  Games that almost certainly would never have seen the light of day otherwise.  What’s interesting to me, however, is that now even larger game companies are leveraging Kickstarter to put out new product that normally one would expect would be funded internally.  The most recent example was an email I got in my inbox from Days of Wonder announcing their new Kickstarter campaign for Small World 2, a new iPad app which will function as both an improvement and a replacement for the original.  Although it quickly becomes apparent that Days of Wonder are hoping to use this Kickstarter campaign to do a whole lot more.

The original Small World app was $10 if I remember right and, while very high quality, it lacked some pretty key features.  It was limited to 2 player only and the multiplayer was pass-n-play only.  Still, it’s a game that is well suited for the iPad as a platform and for synchronous and asynchronous online play, so the potential was always there for Days of Wonder to add more features.  It looks like their intended method of doing that is to fund it via Kickstarter.

Interestingly, however, they are also using this campaign to introduce a new deluxe level of components including super high quality tokens, boards, miniatures, etc.  The tokens are what pique my interest; high quality gaming tokens are a particular weakness of mine.  However, to get a full playset of tokens including the expansion races looks like it’s going to cost $240 so at least I’m relatively safe from that temptation.

I really do enjoy Small World, there is a lot to like about it and I think it makes a superb app.  I especially like how the app can color code the tokens to the owning player, as keeping up with who owns which races can be a pain in a 4-5 player game.  While I never bought into the original app I will almost certainly buy into this one.  However I don’t think I can afford the Kickstarter itself right now due to money issues, I will wait until I get another of the free Apple iTunes gift cards I get periodically at work and use that to pick up the app once it is available.


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