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Blogging Is Hard

Ok, so blogging isn’t really that hard, but I’ve been doing a pretty terrible job of it lately.  The truth is I’ve had at least a dozen great ideas for posts in the last month or so and just haven’t found or made the time to actually write them up.   There’s a lot of interesting gaming news going on out there that I would love to write about in depth, but a good blog post takes time to write, time to edit, time to link up, time to add images, etc.  I enjoy it but I don’t enjoy it enough to do it in the short time I get in the evenings since I prefer to actually play games rather than write about them.  Sometimes I get windows during lunch at work but that’s also one of the key times that I spend catching up on news, forums, etc.

So anyways, if you are reading this as someone who occasionally visits the blog or is subscribed I apologize for the dearth of content.  If only I could just think blog posts into existence, you’d have all sorts of interesting posts to read!  In any case, thanks for stopping by, and don’t worry the blog is far from dead.



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Introducing Aria Grace, the newest member of my family and the reason I have not blogged for almost a month (well, that’s my excuse anyways).

She is actually 4 weeks old as of today!  Born at 6 lbs 9 oz, she had some jaundice issues and dropped a lot of weight early going, going down to only 5 lbs 12 oz.  Kind of freaked us out because both our previous babies were well over 8 lbs.  Thankfully she’s doing great now and is gaining weight at a steady pace.

Another future gaming partner?  We shall see… right now it’s more of a game of “try to figure out why the baby is crying this time”.


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Summer Hiatus

I want to apologize to my legions of loyal readers for the dearth of posts lately.  It’s been a very busy summer, both at work and at home, and so it’s been a while since I’ve taken the time to write anything.  Hopefully I will be able to get back on track to posting more frequently but it might not happen right away.

There is quite a bit to write about though; I’ve been playing Diablo III, I need to write a review of Fortress America, I have some fears regarding the future of the Lord of the Rings LCG, and there are always things to comment on regarding EVE Online.  I’m also planning on some buying and selling of games in the near future that would probably be worth posting on.

So expect some posts coming up in the near future, but in the meantime please do enjoy some sunshine!

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The origin of the blog title is a quote from the Dune series by Frank Herbert.

The full text is this:

“The concept of progress acts as a protective mechanism to shield us from the terrors of the future.”

A fairly dark quote, perhaps, but a very fitting one coming from the author of DuneDune is, in fact, my favorite book and has been for many years now, beating out many classical favorites such as Lord of the Rings.  There is something about Dune that I find utterly fascinating.  Essentially it is a science fiction setting where mankind has gone both forwards and backwards on the concept of progress.  For example, space flight and travel between worlds exists in the book (in a rather limited sense), but there are no computers and much of the technology is somewhat primitive, with mankind existing in a feudal political and economic system.  The consistent theme of the book is how difficult circumstances strengthen people, both on a personal level and a cultural level, and how technology is fickle and is just as likely to cause problems as it is solutions.

On a higher level, I see a truth in this today; mankind is in the midst of great “progress” yet we see as much backwards motion as forwards motion.  Our sinful nature tends to corrupt almost every development into evil.  We develop nuclear power, then nuclear weapons.  We develop medicine, but then develop abortion and harmful narcotics.  Ultimately it’s just a reminder that humanity apart from Christ is doomed to a destructive cycle that we will never break out of on our own.

What does this have to do with the rest of the blog?  Probably not much, but its a good reminder of our need for Christ in everything we do and the importance of evaluating so-called “progress” carefully.  Technology will advance regardless and we should welcome it as it does but no one should get the idea that the next device, the next game, the next president, or whatever will somehow solve their personal problems.

If you haven’t read Dune, I would of course highly recommend it.  I promise you after you put it down you will not be able to look at a glass of water the same way!  I have read it at least 5 or 6 times now and I’m sure I will read it several more times… I can’t say that about any other book I’ve read.

Just a note, Dune is actually the first book of a 6-part series but I can’t highly recommend the rest of the series… and Dune stands perfectly fine on its own.

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Why a blog?

Well, I finally took the plunge and started my own blog.  To be honest, my life is somewhat stressful; between work and life at home with 2 young kids, my life is rewarding but stressful.  I’ve realized that writing is beneficial for me and I’ve been a fan of blogs for years, so why not try it out?  I never got too excited about Facebook, and I haven’t caught the Twitter wave yet… but blogging is something I can understand and appreciate.

They say a good blog is “focused”.  Since I like to write the most about things I enjoy, this blog is probably going to focus mostly on board and video gaming.  Maybe some gardening, politics, history, hiking, or other stuff depending.  But probably not lots of pictures of my cute kids… for that you’ll have to check my wife’s Facebook page.

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