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With Fanfest 2013 news, the upcoming Odyssey Expansion details being revealed, and Dust 514 officially launching, EVE is in something of an information overload right now.

Fanfest is CCP’s giant event where they basically pat themselves on the back for all their accomplishments while also giving players a taste of their upcoming plans.  This year CCP had more to pat themselves on the back for than normally, since they were celebrating an incredible 10 year anniversary of the launch of the game.  EVE continues to break every mold and pattern of the MMO market and it is evidence of just how strong an MMO can be when you focus on putting the narrative in the hands of the players.

But enough about that, my main interest was in looking forward to the economic changes coming in Odyssey and these were revealed in quite a bit of detail:

0.0 mining is being balanced, with several previously low-value ores now producing huge amounts of low-end minerals.  This solves 2 problems at one go; it increases the amount of low-ends that can be mined in 0.0, making 0.0 industry theoretically more self-sufficient , and it also solves a problem where 0.0 mining sites were not being completed (and thus not being re-spawned) due to the terrible ores present in them.  The impact to the overall economy will be probably not be huge, but we may  see some drop in tritanium and pyerite values in Jita as fewer low-end minerals are shipped out to 0.0 (which as I understand it is usually done via mineral compression using 425mm Railguns or other similar modules).  Whether or not this will actually increase 0.0 industry is questionable but its certainly a large step in that direction, especially given the next change.

0.0 player built stations are going to be able to support a lot more offices and manufacturing/research slots.  This is another big step toward improving the chances for successful industry in 0.0.  Of course the real reason for the lack of industry in 0.0 is (more…)


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So pretty lame that the only posting I’ve done lately is for a game I don’t even play right now, but there are a few tidbits I thought I’d throw out there.

EVE Online Fanfest 2013 Sells Out

Fanfest 2013 has sold out completely; it is widely believed for the first time ever.  This year’s fanfest will be a celebration of the 10th anniversary of EVE’s launch so that probably played some part in the high level of interest.  In addition, CCP is for the most part back in the player’s good graces thanks to the changes in development direction and strategy and the excellent work on the last few expansions including ship balancing.

As usual, even for those who aren’t attending fanfest will be a great opportunity to see some reveals on where the game is going in the future and particularly find out a lot about as-yet unannounced summer expansion.

DUST 514 Making its Mark in Faction Warfare

Dust 514 has been active in faction warfare for a few weeks now but I have yet to hear much about what affect it is having, if any, until recently.  Mittani.com posted an article discussing the recent faction warfare battle in Kamela which saw what is, as far as I know, the first publicized use of Dust mercenaries by both sides.  It’s an interesting read and while the interaction turned out to be a bit bugged it’s obvious that both militias saw value in what the Dust mercenaries were able to contribute.  From reading the comments on the article it is apparent that this has been going on for a while, with militias paying the Dust mercenaries a flat fee per While direct ISK transfers to the Dust players is not possible yet due to the economies still being separate, the ISK can be given to the Dust 514 Eve-side corporations and will be available to them when the economies are eventually more integrated; when that happens the Dust 514 corps that were active early are going to have a very nice nest egg waiting for them.  For more information on the Kamela battle see this blog post.   You can actually watch one of the Dust 514 matches in this youtube video.

Video Guide to Dust 514

Someone has taken the time to put out a detailed HD video series of EVE Online on Youtube which covers the game from the very beginning.  There are probably many other guides out there, but I thought this one was pretty well done, though a tad slow moving..   Check out Episode 1 and go from there.

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We are finally starting to see a trickle of information come out on Dust 514 specifics.  The recent CCP re-structuring has apparently included an increase in funding and resources for Dust 514 so as we get closer to some sort of public beta I imagine the information flow will continue to increase also.

The official Dust 514 website has gotten 4 updates recently, 2 small and 2 large.  I’ll run through them real quick and try to analyze what they tell us about the game: (more…)

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What do all of these have in common?  Develop Magazine has an excellent new article on Dust 514 that you’ll have to read to find out.

The article opens with a succinct description of why the console market is in a state of decline and lacking innovation.  Which is fascinating when you realize that only a few years ago many were declaring the age of PC gaming over and paying homage to our new generation console overlords.  In just those few years the online and social gaming revolutions have changed the way the entire electronic gaming industry sees the future in terms of how best to separate gamers from their money.

The author has obviously never actually played EVE Online, and his description of the game cites a lot of sketchy and inaccurate numbers.  His description of gameplay is also a little off.  All of this can be forgiven, though, as EVE’s gameplay is pretty radically different from pretty much everything on the market right now and difficult to describe to someone who is not familiar with it.

Dust has already attracted a fair amount of media coverage but the author contends that it is in fact the most important PS3 title ever developed.  The bottom line is that Dust 514 represents a colossal development that may very well change forever the relationship between console and PC gamers and the scope of what an MMO can accomplish.  Much remains to be explained and currently Dust is not much more than a few shiny screenshots and carefully edited videos but in just a few months that should all change and we’ll finally get a real look at what could be the future of the industry.

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After well over a year of almost no new information on Dust 514 CCP has finally moved into the “pre-launch” phase at this year’s E3 conference.  Probably the single largest and most controversial announcement is that Dust 514 will be a Playstation 3 exclusive title.

Now I don’t personally have a dog in the console fight; I am not by any measure a console gamer.  The only console I own is a Nintendo Wii which we rarely play.  Not that I don’t like it, but its not normally the style of gaming I enjoy; console games to me have always been a social gaming platform, which the Wii excels at.  So long story short, I don’t care about the PS3 exclusivity except in that it might reduce the number of players who will try out Dust 514.    The Xbox and PS3 have about equal market share for the high-end consoles so Dust 514 may be missing out on as much as half of the potential playerbase.  Still, I can only assume CCP knows what they are doing and their stated reasons for choosing Playstation 3 as their platform seem to make sense from my very limited knowledge.

Like many EVE players I’m a little more disappointed about Dust 514 not being available on PC, as I certainly would have played it in that case.  I played Battlefield 2 quite a bit back in the day and recently messing around with World of Tanks reminded me how much I enjoy that kind of gameplay when its done well.  Still, once again I can understand CCP’s decision; PC and consoles are two very different platforms when it comes to shooters and they don’t want to cannibalize EVE Online subscriptions too badly.

So that’s that.  What I’m much more interested in is the trove of new details concerning Dust 514 gameplay and its interaction with EVE.  Apparently Dust and EVE will interact on a much higher level than was previously thought or announced.  I’m going to focus on three elements for now and perhaps talk about more later.

First of all, currency.  The primary currencies in Dust will be ISK and Aurum (AUR) which means Dust currencies will be 100% convertible into and from EVE. We still don’t know the extent to which the two game economies will be linked but with shared currencies its fair to say the link will be pretty in depth.  Obviously AUR will play a larger role in Dust since it is the primary method of revenue for CCP in a subscription-less game based on micro-transactions.  My hope is that Dust will revitalize the Planetary Commodities economy, which is a little lackluster overall.  Currently planets just aren’t worth that much economically as the total combined demand for all their products is still fairly low in comparison to asteroid minerals and moon minerals.  Obviously there will be big changes to planetary industry in association with Dust and I’m excited to find out what those are as I think Planetary Interaction is actually a very cool addition to the industrial side of EVE.

Even more shocking, Dust players can be members of the same corporations as EVE players, which is going to completely overhaul what an EVE corporation even means.  There are a lot of gaming communities out there where people share the same friends between multiple online games.  The Dust/EVE integration will allow this on a whole new level where you and your friends not only play the same online games together, your actions in each game effect the other.  With the promised EVE Gate improvements as well this could easily shape Dust/EVE to be one of the most integrated gaming communities ever created.  The possibilities of combinations here are endless for the moment, until more info comes in.  The real question is what kind of advantages will there be to having both EVE and Dust players in your corporation, or will the game mechanics be more rewarding to having only one type of players in a corp.  Time will tell.

Lastly, the game trailer showed and CCP has confirmed that ships will be able to fire on planets and installations on planets will be able to fire at starships.  If planets can be made truly valuable through some mix of sovereignty and economics then space battles are more likely to be fought near them and the ability to trade real-time fire between them would be awesome.  Certainly it would make control in space or on the ground more meaningful.  However, we have to remember that, dramatic videos and images aside, typically one side will be dominant in space.  It’s just the way EVE works, most fights are over quick with one side holding the field.  So hopefully the opposing side on the ground doesn’t just get toasted every time this happens.

Hopefully we will be getting a steady stream of Dust 514 information from here on out via devblogs or whatever.  I’m certainly excited to see where its going.

For more info see the official EVE Online dev blog which has tons more links to cool stuffs.

Also if you haven’t watched the Dust 514 E3 Trailer you should do so, in HD if at all possible.

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