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I’m totally stoked by this announcement.

Don’t Starve is a phenomenal and unique game experience, as I related in my previous post gushing about the game.  Developer Klei packed a huge amount of gameplay into a very affordable package via the use of dynamic world creation and simple mechanics including permadeath that maintained a high level of tension through most of the game.  Klei continued to add content for a period of months which is impressive considering the small price, but eventually the free updates stopped and Klei talked about planning for a future DLC as a paid major content addition.

While a few folks will always whine about the DLC model, I am quite content to hand over more money if Klei will continue developing the game.  Open world games like this benefit in a sort of exponential fashion from additional mechanics and experiences for the player, and of course no small developer is going to be able to continue to substantially support a game long after sales of that game have stopped.  The DLC model makes perfect sense and so I have patiently waited for additional information.  Finally we have some details!

Klei has now announced the DLC will be entitled “Reign of Giants”.  The goals of the DLC are described as follows (from the dev forum post on the DLC):

Our goal with Reign of Giants is to make a large chunk of content that is both meaningful and interesting. The new content touches all corners of the game, focused on adding content throughout the entire upper world of Don’t Starve. It includes new cycles, creatures, characters, craftables and biomes that will work together with the existing content of Don’t Starve to provide new challenges to overcome and new ways to adapt to these challenges.

Don’t Starve has always been about the fun of learning and discovery — applying your knowledge of the world when reacting to the many curve balls that it throws you; all while struggling to survive. We’ve taken that to the next level with Reign of Giants, layering on more challenges and systems that will interact with the existing content to provide many more scenarios to master. I’m being purposely vague on what Reign of Giants actually has in store for you, but I can tell you that it’s going to be big. And awesome.

What I’m most excited about is the developers goal to improve the gameplay across “all corners”.  Much of the later development of Don’t Starve was to support a new Cave game which added a lot of content for players to explore but left the primary “surface” game feeling a bit flat and static after a while.  This new DLC looks like it will be just what the game needs to really start to take off and explore the creative space.

In case you can’t tell, I am very excited and will eagerly watch for further news.


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