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Sometimes you have a problem only an assassin can solve.  Or maybe a whole group of assassins.  I have such a problem… an infestation of small snails in my aquarium.

I should probably introduce my aquarium since I don’t think I have done so on my blog before.  I’m really more of a cat and dog person (especially cats, lower maintenance) but my wife has since discovered she is… not.  So a couple years ago we got a small 10 gallon fish tank which we put upstairs in our kitchen.  I populated the tank with species of fish that I had read were difficult to kill; Zebra Danios, Blackskirt Tetras, Corydoras catfish, and Otocinclus catfish for controlling algae.  The tank was a hit with the kids and I enjoyed having the extra activity in the kitchen.  Eventually, due to the lack of cats and dogs, Heather agreed to let me spend a portion of our tax return on (more…)


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